“Scoop! Latest update on the Homeownership Scheme: Enhanced Payment Protection for Property Owners!”


"Scoop! Latest update on the Homeownership Scheme: Enhanced Payment Protection for Property Owners!"

The Homeownership Scheme (HOS) is a government-backed guarantee where the government assumes the repayment responsibility for property owners who are unable to repay their loans due to financial difficulties. This guarantee applies within 30 years from the initial sale of the property.


The commencement of the guarantee period starts from the first sale date and lasts for 30 years. During this period, if property owners experience repayment difficulties, the government will assume the responsibility for repayment.


It is important to note that the HOS only applies to public housing units sold by government agencies and not to private properties sold by private entities. Additionally, the guarantee only applies to the first sale of the property. If the property owner resells the unit, the guarantee will terminate accordingly.


Under the HOS, if property owners are unable to repay their loans due to illness, loss of employment, or other reasons, the government will repay the loan on their behalf. However, property owners are still required to pay the corresponding interest on the repayment. Furthermore, the government reserves the right to recover the repayment amount from the property owner after repaying the loan.


Overall, the HOS is an important safety net provided by the government that ensures the repayment safety of property owners. When purchasing a property under the HOS, it is essential for property owners to fully understand the terms and conditions of the guarantee to protect their own interests.

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