Auto-payroll transfer makes mortgage application easier to approve


Auto-payroll transfer makes mortgage application easier to approve

Auto-payroll transfer is superior to cash payments as it demonstrates stable income

In Hong Kong, many aspire to own their own homes, but homeownership comes at a financial cost. If you're applying for a mortgage, an important factor to consider is your income. The form of payroll is also a crucial consideration in mortgage applications.


Currently, companies have multiple methods of payroll, including auto-payroll transfer, cheque, or cash payments. However, the best way to receive payroll for mortgage applicants is through auto-payroll transfer. By using auto-payroll transfer, bank statements will clearly indicate monthly salary, allowing applicants to systematically track their income. This way, the bank will know that the applicant has a stable income and sufficient repayment capacity, increasing the chance of approval.


If the payroll account and the bank where the mortgage is being applied are the same, approval is even more likely. This is because the same bank can more easily access the applicant's payroll status, understand their income and repayment capacity, and accelerate the approval process.


Of course, auto-payroll transfer is only one of the factors that can increase the chance of mortgage approval. Applicants also need a good credit history, sufficient repayment capacity, and stable income to support their repayments. In addition, applicants must maintain a good financial status and avoid late repayments or other negative credit records that may affect mortgage approval.


In summary, if you want to successfully apply for a mortgage, auto-payroll transfer is a good option. Through this method, you can clearly track your income and demonstrate your repayment capacity and stable income to the bank. If you can also open a payroll account and apply for a mortgage with the same bank, the chance of approval is even higher. However, do not forget that other factors such as credit history and repayment capacity also affect mortgage approval. Therefore, before applying for a mortgage, it is important to carefully evaluate your financial situation and choose a mortgage loan scheme that is suitable for you.

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