Unlock the benefits of mortgage refinancing with these “secret weapons”!


Unlock the benefits of mortgage refinancing with these "secret weapons"!

Save money, time, and stress with mortgage refinancing.

In recent years, as the demand for property ownership continues to rise, mortgage refinancing has become increasingly popular. Many homeowners choose to refinance their mortgage to earn cash back. However, the benefits of mortgage refinancing go far beyond this. This article will reveal the mysterious benefits of mortgage refinancing.


1. Extra cash back from mortgage refinancing
With intense competition among banks, they offer various incentives to attract homeowners to refinance their mortgage. One of the most popular incentives is cash back from mortgage refinancing. Additionally, if homeowners apply for refinancing through a mortgage broker, they can receive extra cash back from the broker, up to 2.2% of the loan amount. When the market improves, homeowners can keep refinancing to earn more cash back. If they refinance after the penalty period of two years, they can earn even more cash back. However, it is important to note that if the cash back from refinancing is more than 1%, the bank may deduct the loan amount.


2.Mortgage Link account to offset mortgage interest expenses
Mortgage Link account, also known as a high-interest deposit-linked account, is a discount that helps homeowners offset interest expenses when buying a property. The account has a deposit limit, usually 50% of the mortgage loan amount. By depositing money into this account, homeowners can effectively offset mortgage interest while maintaining their liquid assets for more convenience.

Another advantage of Mortgage Link account is that homeowners can enjoy the same interest rate discount as their mortgage loan. For example, if the mortgage interest rate is 2%, the deposit interest rate for the Mortgage Link account can also be 2%. This discount can bring additional income to homeowners and reduce mortgage interest expenses.

It is worth noting that if the homeowner's bank does not offer the Mortgage Link account, they can switch banks through refinancing to obtain the account and deposit money into the high-interest account. This way, homeowners can enjoy more benefits and effectively offset mortgage interest expenses, making repayments easier.


3.Cancel mortgage insurance and save on premiums
When homeowners purchase a property, if the loan amount exceeds 60%, they need to purchase mortgage insurance, which is a significant expense. If the property price increases after the penalty period ends, the loan-to-value ratio may change. At this point, homeowners can re-evaluate the property and refinance, giving them the opportunity to cancel mortgage insurance and save on premiums.

Furthermore, if homeowners want to cancel their mortgage insurance in the third year, the change in the loan amount-to-property price ratio after refinancing may entitle them to a refund of their insurance premiums. This way, homeowners can not only save on future insurance premiums but also recover some of the premiums they previously paid.

4. Joint property can be removed

Have you ever missed out on policy benefits for first-time buyers when purchasing joint property with someone else? Actually, you can easily remove joint ownership by refinancing, which allows both you and the other party to enjoy the benefits of first-time buying incentives. This not only saves money but also allows you to enjoy more benefits when buying a property.

Many homeowners may wonder if joint property can be removed. The answer is yes. When you refinance, the loan will be transferred to your individual name, allowing you to remove the joint ownership. This way, you and the other party can each enjoy first-time buying incentives and reduce your financial burden.

During the removal process, some homeowners may be concerned about tax issues. However, in reality, refinancing does not trigger any tax liabilities. As long as you meet the bank's loan requirements, you can easily complete the refinancing process.


5. Refinancing for cash-out

When homeowners refinance, they can choose to cash out to have cash available for future use. During the cash-out refinancing process, homeowners need to transfer the full value of the property to a new bank and re-evaluate the property. If the property value increases, the newly borrowed loan can be used to pay off the original mortgage balance, and the excess amount can be converted into liquid funds. This can allow homeowners to have more cash on hand to deal with emergencies or invest in other projects.



Refinancing can bring many benefits to homeowners, from reducing financial burden to solving financial problems. In addition, refinancing can also help homeowners increase their liquid assets to deal with emergencies or invest in other projects. These benefits can bring more advantages to your path of property ownership, helping you save money, time, and effort. At the same time, homeowners should weigh the pros and cons according to their specific situation and decide whether to refinance.


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