The Significance of “Breathing Plan” in the Real Estate Market


The Significance of "Breathing Plan" in the Real Estate Market

In recent years, the "Breathing Plan" has been receiving increasing attention in the real estate market. However, its meaning and application in the market often confuse people. In fact, the "Breathing Plan" refers to a type of loan scheme that is primarily designed for individuals without stable income or income proof, making it easier for them to obtain a mortgage. In contrast to the complex income assessment and stress testing required by traditional financial institutions such as banks, the "Breathing Plan" offers a more convenient solution.


Features of the "Breathing Plan"

The "Breathing Plan" is mainly provided by financial companies under the developers, and its biggest feature is that it does not require buyers to provide proof of stable income. Generally, simple identification documents are sufficient to obtain a mortgage loan. Compared to traditional mortgage schemes, the "Breathing Plan" offers higher loan amounts and lower interest rates, making it easier for buyers to obtain a satisfactory mortgage when purchasing a property.


Risks of the "Breathing Plan"

However, the "Breathing Plan" also carries some risks, especially for buyers. As the "Breathing Plan" is primarily provided by financial companies under the developers, these financial companies are not traditional financial institutions, and their risk control and supervision are relatively weak. Additionally, the loan interest rates may also be higher. Therefore, buyers who choose the "Breathing Plan" need to pay attention to the risks and ensure that they have sufficient repayment ability to avoid financial and credit risks.



Overall, the "Breathing Plan" is a convenient loan solution for buyers, but it also carries risks. Buyers need to carefully consider their financial status and repayment ability. For developers, the "Breathing Plan" is also a means of industry innovation and competition, but they need to ensure their own risk control and compliance. Therefore, when using the "Breathing Plan," both buyers and developers need to focus on risk control and financial supervision to minimize financial and credit risks.

Finally, for those buyers who need it, besides the "Breathing Plan," they can also consider other loan schemes, such as traditional bank loans or government housing loans, to ensure their financial security and credit status. For the entire real estate market, it is also necessary to strengthen financial supervision and risk control to promote a healthy and sustainable development of the property market.

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